Residential home loans built for business owners

The self-employed deserve more than a fair go. That's why we've built our business around understanding the unique needs of business owners and the challenges they face when applying for and securing a mortgage.

Tailored solutions, common sense approach.

When you need a home loan, you want the reassurance of a well-established specialist lender that offers you flexibility and recognises that everybody's situation is unique.

Azora's loans are designed to be more flexible than those of mainstream lenders. Our customers come from all walks of life, so instead of trying to fit them into predefined boxes, we assess their applications on a case by case basis to find the loan that best fits their needs.

An Azora Home Loan brings

A fair go

Unlike traditional lenders that often have a tick-box mentality, we take a highly personalised approach to lending.

Our customers come from all walks of life, so instead of Our team will always take the time to gather a deep understanding of your circumstance and work hard to see the true value of your business. That's why computers will never make our decisions.

Our simplified and common-sense approach allows us to say 'yes' more often and ensures you get a highly tailored solution you richly deserve.

Flexible documentation requirements

Times have changed, home loans haven't. We pioneer new, simple and innovative ways of assessing the alternative income verification needs of the self-employed and small business owners— especially as they emerge from the impacts of COVID-19.

This means we wont make you jump through hoops to prove you can afford a mortgage.

Faster turnaround times

Our streamlined processes as well as our highly dedicated team allows us to approve your loan fast and settle even faster.

We'll keep you updated with your loans progress through the entire process, so you're never left in the dark.


For business owners

Often banks and other lenders will put the self-employed in the too hard basket. We have the patience, knowledge and understanding to provide you with the solution you need.

Unlock unlimited working capital
Pay out ATO or other debts
Multiple income sources accepted
Alternative income verification
Let's talk

For home owners

If your looking to release equity in your home or re-shape your financial situation— refinancing can help.

Consolidate unlimited debts
Access equity for personal use such as home renovations
Split purpose/split rate
Get a better deal
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For home buyers and investors

The traditional home loan process is opaque and driven by systems that treat you like a number. We think outside the box to provide you with a flexible solution that fits you.

Borrow up to 85% of the property value
Interest only available
No LMI required
Split purpose/split rate
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For impaired credit

Plus, we recognise that borrowers come in all shapes and sizes, so if you have a unique financial circumstance like an adverse credit history, arrears or defaults— we can help.

Discharged bankrupts
Mortgage arrears
Past defaults or late payments
Low credit score
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We have the experience you can lean on.

We strive to be Australia's best specialist lender underpinned by industry-leading service and unrivalled responsible lending expertise.


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Jason's Story

Jason wanted to refinance his home loan and access equity to launch a major marketing campaign for his business. Jason's Accountant verified his earnings and Azora was able to approve the loan. The large equity release allowed Jason to invest in his business and grow by nearly 50%.

Note: these aren’t real people. The following examples illustrate how Azora works for borrowers and circumstances of all shapes and sizes.

Jason's Mortgage

Mortgage features
Release $250k
Accountants letter
$850 p/m

The Davidson's Story

Self-employed couple James and Lea Davidson have been running their business for 4 years. The ATO was pressuring them to finalise a commitment with them but the payment plan was not realistic for their cashflow. Azora was able to help by unlocking their equity to pay out the ATO debt and helped provide additional cash flow to help bolster their stock levels, which was crucial during COVID.

Note: these aren’t real people. The following examples illustrate how Brella works for families and health issues of all shapes and sizes.

Their Mortgage

Mortgage features
Debt consolidation
Debts consolidated
ATO debt
24 hours

Ray's Story

Ray is a single man who owns several businesses setup through trust structures.

Rays wanted to expand his residential investment portfolio and buy a in-demand property but his bank declined to help due to the complexity of his trust structure. Azora took the time to help, and approved his loan at record speed.

Note: these aren’t real people. The following examples illustrate how Azora works for borrowers and circumstances of all shapes and sizes.

Ray's Mortgage

Mortgage features
Speed to yes
24 hours
Why Azora
Complex struture

Dedicated support every step of the way.

Customers talk to the same person anytime they need help. And we take the time to check on you.

A fresh perspective through tough times

We understand that many small businesses, and their owners, have been directly impacted by COVID-19, and that's OK.

We look at how the business was performing prior to COVID, and more importantly, how their businesses are performing now.

Frequently asked questions

How much can I borrow?

Azora's max loan size is 1.5m

How much deposit do I need?

We allow you to borrow for a home with as little as a 15% deposit.

How long will it take to get a decision?

Azora prides itself on being able to provide a decision within 24 hours of receiving the application and some basic information.

I have heard it is difficult for the self-employed to get a home loan.

Azora specialises in helping the self-employed, finding solutions for their individual circumstances.

I want to invest in my business. Can I borrow funds for this?

Absolutely. Azora allows you to free up equity in your home to invest in your business.

I have some business debts and personal debts. Can I pay these out?

Yes. An Azora home loan allows you to use the equity in your property to pay these out.


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